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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” – Eckhart Tolle

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

The WorldWorks Trainings provides workshops that will allow you to leverage your expertise and access what is required to live your dreams. Through a program dedicated to mentoring and coaching, we offer a series of events that will empower you along your journey towards fulfillment.

An abundance of our participants (80%) were so inspired with the results of our mentoring and coaching programs that they consider it to be one of the top three most impactful experiences of their lives.

Our coaching is based on accomplishing the extraordinary through an increased desire to take risks and challenge yourself. With the help of a mentor or coach at WorldWorks, we believe we can help you to achieve your goals.

What Type of Mentoring and Coaching Experience Does the Staff Have?

The staff of WorldWorks trainers have years of experience in leading seminars, trainings, and coaching people towards their goals. Lead by Lisa Kalmin, who has 25 years of transformational coaching experience, the team of trainers is confident that they can find the best mentoring and coaching path to help you accomplish the astonishing results they have helped so many others achieve.

What Type of Mentoring and Coaching Packages does WorldWorks Offer?

Mentoring and coaching at WorldWorks Trainings means providing real results that include long-term learning. The focus of the coaching is on experiential trainings that encourage a break-through for the participant. Various experiential processes are used in the mentoring and coaching provided by WorldWorks, and the Introductory Course Outline and Questionnaire can help to provide you with more information. At WorldWorks, we believe that we can empower people to live out their dreams and accomplish extraordinary results in both life and business. For more information about the packages or mentoring and coaching services that we offer, sign up for our next guest event or introductory workshop, or call (949) 289-3261 today.