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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” – Eckhart Tolle



You may have clicked on this tab to see if I speak and what I speak about.

I do. I love to be in front of folks and cause a shift or a breakthrough.
And I also LOVE coaching speakers. And we all speak in front of people, whether it is two or two thousand. We are always impacting the people in front of us. We are causing possibilities and action or we are not.

So here are my five tips to impacting your audience and being an influential speaker:

Yes! I love speaking to your teams, organizations, clients, or raving fans!

“What a great and engaging one-day workshop. Never did I feel that the session was dragging or was I itching for the day to end. And the application of our education was so relevant! Not only for future necessities, but immediate needs. 48 hours after the workshop and my first day back to work, I used an applicable approach to an employee issue that had been dragging on here for years. Applying Lisa’s methods not only instantly made the conversation less confrontational and defensive, but it extracted an end result that other team members are benefiting from. We as an organization are able to move our vision forward more effectively from just one troubled employee engagement. Thank you, Lisa for sharing your wealth of knowledge!”

– Anonymous

Topics I love:

Lisa Kalmin is a transformational trainer extraordinaire. Several years ago I was personally involved in some of the powerful work she was doing. Still more than a dozen years later, we make comments in our home like “Lisa said” or “Lisa would have told us”! Lisa’s trainings are mind-altering and life-changing. Fast forward to this year and we hired Lisa to do some work with a larger group of approximately 90 managers. She completed a 6 hour training that was very impactful and again, life changing for some in the room. Seeing Lisa move from her training environment to that of the boardroom or corporation was fantastic! Lisa was funny, to the point and really held everyone’s attention for the entire 6 hours!

Lisa comes on highest recommendation for the corporate setting for mindset work and transformation.

Crystal Thomas, MCM, CHE
Managing Director
The Golden State Chapter of CMAA Inc.