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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” – Eckhart Tolle

Living Your Breakthrough

Living Your Break Through

Living Your Breakthrough

According to Martha Beck, having a breakthrough isn’t the tricky part, it’s living them. In the August 2014 of Oprah, Beck describes the way of cementing those breakthroughs into place:

“This is the tricky thing about breakthroughs: Many aspects of the experience may feel unpleasant, both before and after your thinking changes. As a breakthrough nears, you might feel intensely trapped, seeing no way out – which only makes sense; if you had a way out, the internal pressure wouldn’t become sufficient to spur you toward change. After the breakthrough, the work required to sustain it in the face of life’s audits…can be insurmountable.”

What does Coach Beck say about how you maintain a breakthrough?

  • Deliberately focus and build on it
  • Journal and meditate about your experience
  • Discuss it with friends
  • Find books and videos that resonate with your new thinking and insights
  • Eliminate whatever threatens to becloud your vision

And Beck reminds all of us, “Hold tight to your breakthrough, because once your eyes have been opened, trust me when I say that it will not feel good to close them again.”

Sounds like LP to me.